Retsol LS450 Barcode Scanner

₹ 2990.00 ₹ 1685.00

Brand Name: RETSOL

SKU: LS-450 1D

Size H x W x D : 173mm x 70mm x 68mm

Weight: 170g

Material: ABS + PC

Cable: Standard 2M Straight

Voltage: 5VDC

Operang Current: 85mA

Light Source: Visible Laser Diode 650nm

Scan Pattern: Single Scan

Scan Rate: 100 Scans / Second

Scan Precision: 4mil

Scan Width:200mm

Scan Depth of field: 0-280mm 

Support Interface: USB

Warranty: 2 Years - Factory Warranty

SKU: LS-450
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